Moms: ‘It’s YoCrunch time’

The Offer: YoCrunch‘s first integrated marketing campaign has moms in its cross-hairs. “It’s YoCrunch Time,” primarily the work of Fathom Communications (the brand’s lead agency), aims to connect with moms through digital and social, using coupons linked to online games, a revamped Facebook page, and a Twitter feed regularly updated with snack tips, promotions and giveaways.?

The Data: The “Mom-to-Mom” network on YoCrunch’s Facebook page, with more than 114,000 “likes,” encourages moms (“queens of the Crunch Bunch”) to join an online community of YoCrunch ?fans and share “only-mom-can-do-it” insights ?through a chat feature. An age filter allows only those born in 1999 and before to play the online games on YoCrunch’s homepage.??

The Channel: Display ads were created to direct moms to YoCrunch’s redesigned interactive website, ?featuring games tied to $1-off coupons. Visitors can “like” or tweet all articles and products on the site. Facebook and Twitter were used to jumpstart a conversation ?about the brand. ?

The Creative: The YoCrunch site features online games such as the Jewel Quest-inspired Topping Tumbler and Tap the Top, in which visitors must remember and replay simple tunes by clicking on different YoCrunch packages in the correct order.?





John Gagné is SVP and executive creative director at Proximity Canada. Gagné, who joined Proximity in 2006, leads one of the largest creative departments in Canada. He is based in Toronto. 

There may be too much brand navel-gazing here as opposed to looking up and outward at the moms YoCrunch wants to engage. As it’s primarily a Facebook play, you would expect more opportunities for people to share, more to do and more to discuss. Unfortunately, it’s thin on content, so that can only matter so much. Moms are staying away in droves.

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