Mokrynski Gets Fingerhut Subsidiary Lists

Mokrynski & Associates Inc. took over list management for nine catalog files of Fingerhut subsidiary business units totaling about 5 million names.

The files, which were previously managed in-house at Fingerhut, include the Arizona Mail Order properties, the Bedford Fair properties, Figi's Gourmet Foods and Popular Club. Mokrynski also continues to manage the Brownstone Studio and Lew Magram lists, which are Fingerhut subsidiaries.

Despite Federated's plans to liquidate Fingerhut, Federated has maintained these catalogs as ongoing concerns and said all along that it would sell them as such.

Though no sale of these properties has been announced, a Mokrynski executive was confident the firm would not just be acting as an interim list manager until a sale occurs.

“Based on what I know, they have chosen us to manage all the files after a pretty extensive [request for proposal] process,” said Chris Montana, senior vice president of list management at Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ.

The process involved several list firms and began six to seven weeks ago, he said.

The lists are available immediately through Mokrynski and consist of these titles:

· Arizona Mail Order Enhanced Masterfile with 1.2 million last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Coward Shoe with 131,700 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Old Pueblo Traders with 924,100 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Regalia with 136,600 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Intimate Appeal with 97,600 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Bedford Fair Lifestyles with 618,400 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Willow Ridge with 575,600 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Figi's Gourmet Food with 1.1 million last-12-month mail-order buyers.

· Popular Club with 181,800 last-12-month mail-order buyers.

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