Mokrynski Cuts Staff Amid Restructuring

List management and brokerage firm Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, laid off more than 10 staff members across several departments last week as a result of an earlier restructuring, an executive at the company confirmed yesterday.

“I started looking at restructuring and reorganizing the company and realized that 2004 is just a different time from when we were building the organization,” said Dennis Bissig, who was named president of Mokrynski in March.

In April, senior vice presidents Chris Montana and Steve Tamke were shifted from their roles heading the list management and brokerage departments, respectively, to pursue new business along with executive vice president Howard Kupfer. Also that month, Bissig put Amy Fusco in charge of the list management division and Sandy Matika at the helm of brokerage.

Bissig would not elaborate on the company's new endeavors but said announcements probably will be made in the next few months. After the reorganization, it was decided that a staff reduction was necessary.

“For efficiency and economy purposes certainly we made the hard choice, and it was really difficult because they were good people,” he said.

Bissig said the decision was not based on a downturn in business.

“We've had some good weeks and some soft weeks but this was just a next step that unfortunately needed to be taken,” he said.

Donald Mokrynski, who remains as chairman of his namesake company, will receive the Direct Marketing Association's List & Database Council 2004 List Leader of the Year award Aug. 11 at a dinner preceding the DMA's List Vision 2004 conference Aug. 12 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

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