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Mobio Networks debuts mobile advertising platform at DEMO

PALM DESERT, CA – Mobio Networks enters the market with the debut of its first public mobile application software GetMobio at the open of the DEMO 2007 show, the event that introduced the Palm, TiVo and Skype.

GetMobio is a mobile lifestyle portal that is downloadable for free to 21 different consumer phones. It lets users use 50 dynamic applications and widgets for free off-deck Web services.

“The platform offers the dynamic ability to transact, and dynamic is another word for direct marketing,” said Marsha Kadanoff, vice president of marketing at Mobio, Cupertino, CA. “It doesn’t just give you a listing for cabs if you are searching for cabs, it gives you a link to order a cab.”

GetMobio is location driven and lets users use mobile phones to locate location-specific places like nightclubs, restaurant reservations and flights based on preferences. The platform is targeted at the 18-34 year old millennium generation, and users can set preferences like “After Midnight,” “Urban Trekker” and “Outwitting the Kids.”

Mobio also works with partners such as Universal Pictures, Kaboodle and OpenTable, and develops targeted applications such as Mobile Flight Times, Mobile Movie Times and Mobile Fine Dining.

“We think the opportunity in mobile is to put the brand in front of consumers and adding value to the customer,” Ms. Kadanoff said. “I think the future of mobile is about highly targeted time-specific, location-specific marketing.”

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