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Mobile Video Views Show Alarming Growth

As mobile grows, so, apparently, do people’s appetites for watching videos on their devices. According to a study from Ooyala, the U.S. video ad platform of Australian telcom Telstra, mobile video views have doubled over the year earlier period and now account for two fifths of all video viewing worldwide. Since Q1 2013, mobile views are up 367%.

TV broadcasters appeared to be the chief beneficiaries of the trend. Tablet viewers of broadcaster content watched ads to completion 89% of the time and smartphone users 79% of the time. Broadcasters, at the same time, held the greater share of the mobile audience, with 53% of their online content playing out on devices versus only 31% for publishers and brands.

Personalization pays, the Ooyala study also found. Content recommended to individuals by sports broadcasters was viewed at least 40% of the time, and those touted by consumer publishers were watched at least a third of the time.

Ooyala’s Global Video Index, which tracks viewing habits of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, predicted that more than 50% of all video will be viewed on mobile devices by the end of 2015.

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