Mobile Proves to Be Fruitful for Email [Infographic]

Having a balanced channel mix can help marketers produce a healthy marketing strategy. But when it comes to email, most consumers seem to have a taste for mobile.

According to Movable Ink’s most recent “U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report”—an analysis of 6.03 billion emails sent in 2015—68% of emails were opened on a mobile device last year, versus 32% that were opened on a desktop. The iPhone seems to be the apple of most consumers’ eyes, as 42% of mobile email opens occurred on the device.

But iPhone users move on quickly.  According to the report, of the emails read for 15 seconds or more, 62% were read on Kindle Fires and 48% on Android devices; only 37.1% of iPhone users spent 15 seconds or more reading email on their device.

Unfortunately for mobile marketers, conversion is where things start to go sour. Although nearly 47% of analyzed email conversions took place on a mobile device, the majority (53%) occurred via desktop.

Is your mobile email strategy fully ripe? If not, check out the infographic below. 

Updated: 2/12/2016

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