Mobile Marketing Firm Motricity Buys GoldPocket Wireless

Global mobile services provider Motricity July 17 said it had acquired GoldPocket Wireless, a mobile interactivity and marketing firm.

The acquisition brings Motricity, Research Triangle Park, NC, an extended relationship with six of the top 10 U.S. wireless providers including Sprint, Cingular and Verizon.

Motricity also gains 20 top television network media clients like NBC, CBS, Bravo and Fox.

The deal positions Motricity as a leader in the off-deck market, receiving content directly from brands rather than carriers.

GoldPocket’s integrative marketing technology is a match to Motricity’s mobile content offering, the FuelTM platform. EM Connect, a GoldPocket product, is a distribution gateway connecting a mobile marketing campaign manager to subscribers and wireless service providers in order to power large-scale real-time interactive campaigns.

The six-year-old GoldPocket has produced a number of mobile interactive television projects including NBC’s The Apprentice and CBS’ Big Brother and The Biggest Loser

Motricity will become one of the few companies with scalable offerings across mobile content categories, including storefronts, portals, messaging, content aggregation and campaign management.

Motricity has offices in Beijing, London, Munich and San Diego. It has worked with brands including BET, China Unicom, O2,, and Palm.

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