Mobile Email Conversion Rates Grow

Mobile email conversion rates ballooned 70% over the past year as marketers adapted their strategies to better suit smaller screens.

Yesmail’s “Email Marketing Compass” report states that marketers’ increased use of mobile-friendly strategies—e.g., responsive design, adaptive landing pages, and path-to-purchase optimization—is to thank for the jump in conversions.

“Considering the importance that marketers place on listening to their customers and catering to their preferences, it’s surprising that brands have been slow to optimize the mobile experience,” says Michael Fisher, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing, Yesmail’s parent company. “To deliver a truly mobile experience, marketers should move beyond just design and develop communications that speak to device functionality, use, and context.” 

The email marketing solutions provider says that the increased conversion rate from Q4 2013 to 2014 is driven by double-digit increases in mobile clicks (10% YoY) and mobile click-to-open rates (20% YoY). The desktop conversion rate, however, dropped by 4% over the same time frame.

Mobile click-to-open rates soar even higher for brands using responsive design at 14.1%—or 40% higher for brands that exclusively implement responsive design compared to brands that only use non-responsive emails.

Yesmail’s research shows that upping the mobile email experience is behooving brands in such ways:

  • Average order value for mobile email grew 28%, doubling desktop’s annual average order value growth.
  • Mobile revenue share grew by one third, making up 20% of all email-generated revenue.
  • The share of orders completed on mobile devices grew by 21%, accounting for almost one quarter of all email-generated orders.
  • The average mobile email click generated $.40 in revenue, compared to just $.19 for a desktop click.
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