Mobile drives store traffic

Store visits increase 80 percent above average during the first day a mobile ad is posted, according to Ninth Decimal’s recent Mobile Audience Insights Report. Use of mobile devices to shop before making a purchase has increased 59 percent since 2013.

Whether or not mobile ads are strongly associated with driving store traffic, the survey suggests that the overwhelming quantity of visits associated with a mobile ad happen within the first day of the ad’s posting, dropping rapidly on the second day, then remaining fairly constant for the first week of the ad’s exposure before tailing away. This information might encourage marketers to focus the timing of other promotional efforts.

More than 50 percent of shoppers made purchases on mobile devices last year, contrasted with more than 50 percent buying in store in 2013. There was an increase of more than 30 percent in mobile video completion rate over 2013, although some research suggests that much value from video ads is extracted by viewers within the first few seconds.

It’s perhaps less surprising that mobile research before making a purchase continues to grow steadily. More than half of shoppers are very likely to discover a brand or product via mobile browsing, and although laptops remained the single most popular mobile device for shopping, smartphones and tablets combined accounted for more than 50 percent of the audience.

Ninth Decimal, a mobile audience intelligence vendor, based the survey results on a random sample of over 1,500 mobile users, as well as on data from its proprietary mobile intelligence platform. The data is from the last three quarters of 2014, and is compared with data from the same period in 2013.

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