Mobile Company, Winner: Swirl Networks

Swirl’s Mobile Presence Marketing platform gives retail clients unprecedented ability to link in-store and digital data and in turn deliver highly personalized experiences to their customers across multiple channels.  

By combining location and behavioral data collected in stores from beacons, GPS and WiFi with their own existing customer data, Swirl’s clients are building more robust customer profiles, deepening those relationships and driving sales.

Examples of personalization capabilities driven by Swirl’s platform include the ability to serve an exclusive shoe offer to a department store shopper who spent time looking at shoes but didn’t buy any. The platform can also let retail clients alert their sales staff to a customer’s purchase history and surface previously browsed online items or saved shopping lists to a customer’s phone when that customer enters the store.  

Other valuable elements include Swirl’s In-Store Mobile Media Exchange software, which lets retailers establish a private in-store mobile media network and allow trusted brand partners to promote products at specific in-store locations.

Swirl reported strong confidential results for a range of clients.

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