Mobile Acquisition: Reaching the Untethered Customer

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It’s no secret that your customers are transitioning to mobile at lightning speed—but is your marketing strategy keeping up with the pace of today’s hyper-connected, on-the-go customer? Are you taking advantage of the most direct and constant link to the consumer?

Stand out in the constant inundation of marketing messages and learn how to make a memorable and lasting impact on your ever-moving—yet always-connected customers—by joining our upcoming webinar with mobile expert Michael Puffer, mobile marketing manager at Experian Marketing Services.

Whether you’re only starting to think about integrating mobile into your marketing program or you’ve invested heavily into the adoption of mobile marketing, Michael has the insights you need to help you ramp up your mobile marketing strategy and continually build your current mobile database.

Key topics that will be covered in the webinar include:

• The most meaningful SMS programs and messages to incorporate into your strategy
• The benefits you can expect from delivering a smart mobile campaign the right way
• How email and other channels aid in building out your mobile database

Don’t let mobile usage outpace the quality of your customer-centric marketing program. Register today and learn how to get started on a mobile marketing journey that puts your brand even closer to your best customers.

Featured Speaker:

Mike Puffer, Mobile Marketing Lead, Experian Marketing Services

Michael Puffer is the Mobile Marketing Lead at Experian Marketing Services, responsible for driving business development, thought leadership, implementation and the ongoing innovation of mobile programs for the organization as well as its clients. Michael is a digital technology and marketing leader focused on the mobile industry with years of experience in mobile marketing strategy development, program execution and data integration with the ability to design, implement and analyze effective enterprise level mobile programs, with a focus on cross-channel integration and loyalty marketing.

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