Miva Is Search Diva at Folio:Show

NEW YORK — What's a search marketing technology firm doing at Folio:Show, a conference dedicated to publishing industry issues and opportunities?

Ask Miva that question. The Fort Myers, FL, company took not just one of the 70-plus booths at the Nov. 1-3 show, but also won four speaking engagements.

“The key theme for us at Folio:Show is how publishers can compete successfully online,” said Tom Wilde, Miva's Cambridge, MA-based senior vice president and general manager for North America. “There's a steady drumbeat about the threat Google and Yahoo play in publishing.”

This is Miva's first time at the Red 7 Media-run show. It was also the only search-related company exhibiting at the show — a smart move given that publishers face key challenges: acquiring users who moved online, retaining them and monetizing that traffic via content, ads or e-commerce.

Curious visitors to the Miva booth — a few feet from Statlistics, a list broker and manager specializing in publishing files — were pitched on several Miva offerings.

For example, those looking for acquisition solutions could leverage the Miva network of thousands of affiliates to drive distribution of its partners' content and products. Those seeking retention help could also use Miva's services. Both needs could be served using Miva's BrandBar product.

On the monetization side, Miva offers the capability of searching the publisher's content on its site. It also offers e-commerce storefront solutions.

“Partnering with Miva enables them to take advantage of the technology platforms that they may not have access to or develop on their own,” Wilde said.

Miva's speaking gigs mirrored its expertise in online performance-based marketing. Wilde's presentation, for instance, was titled, “Are you ARMed for the digital future: A discussion of acquisition, retention and monetization strategies?”

Did the sessions generate a lot of interest from attendees?

“It's not surprising that the reaction is still evolving,” Wilde said. “You've got people in the publishing industry at different phases of understanding how to compete online in the future. So there's still a large education component as part of the process Miva faces.”

He said Miva's participation at the show was an investment into the future in demonstrating its commitment to traditional publishers with an online presence.

“Traditional publishing is a huge multibillion-dollar business under terrific competitive pressure,” Wilde said. “They have risks in the form of loss of audience and the resulting loss of media dollars that have traditionally targeted the publishers' large audience … [from] the threat online media giants like Yahoo, Google, AOL and MSN represent.”

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