Miva Challenges Google, Yahoo With Contextual Ad Program

Miva Inc., a performance marketing network, Fort Myers, FL, launched a beta global contextual ad program Monday to compete with Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

It also took on the two search engine leaders by issuing the “Miva Principle,” a white paper that “exposes the vital threat it believes giants such as Google and Yahoo pose to the online publishing community.”

Miva said it gives publishers more control, letting them generate revenue while protecting their brands' integrity. Google and Yahoo erode publishers' brands with their pay-per-call programs, for example, by extracting information for their own purposes, while Miva can offer publishers “no strings attached,” the principle states.

“We believe our contextual solution will provide publishers with significantly improved flexibility and control, enabling them to attract and retain advertisers and to more substantially monetize their own brands on the Web,” said Peter Corrao, Miva chief operating officer.

Miva, Fort Myers, FL, is combining automated and manual solutions to let publishers determine whether a Web page should use Miva's contextual engine to dynamically serve relevant ads based on the page's content. Or, they can select keywords manually to match ads to both content and visitor demographics.

“Large publishers can benefit from the fact that Miva can help them to more effectively manage large volumes of content in an automated fashion, while small publishers have access to a solution which they might not otherwise have at their disposal,” according to a statement from the company.

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