Missy Elliott Called the Best Play During the Super Bowl

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Everybody’s talking about the Big Game—that terrible call on the one-yard line, Tom Brady’s fistfull of Super Bowl rings, and the ads. With the Super Bowl comes numerous nuggets of knowledge that marketers can marvel at, or simply pack away for later use. One such nugget has surfaced in the wake of the game’s halftime show.

The show was exciting enough on its own—between Katy Perry’s fire dress; the stunning light show; the singing, bipedal sharks; and the strolling diamond-beast thing—but the magic wasn’t so much in the show as it was in its effect. Perry brought out two of the most celebrated musicians of the 2000s in Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, the latter absolutely stealing the show. The word-of-mouth and social media buzz that Elliott’s three-minute segment generated led to a notable increase in music streams and single sales for the emcee.

Elliott’s total streams increased by 676% following the halftime show, according to data from Spotify. Streams of the songs Elliott performed, “Lose Control,” “Get ur Freak On,” and “Work It,” grew by 1396%, 922%, and 896%, respectively, with “Work It” jumping to number 10 on the iTunes top 100 songs list on Monday. Similarly, Kravitz’s streams rose by 103%, and Perry’s by 85%.

The boost in Elliott’s brand isn’t unlike that of Oreo’s two Super Bowls ago, or Always’ last year.

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