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Missouri Senate Votes To Add Wireless Numbers to State No-Call List

Legislation approved in the Missouri Senate would allow residents to register their cellular telephone numbers on the state's do-not-call registry. The bill went unopposed through the first-round voice vote in the state Senate. However, it requires a final vote in the Senate before it can be sent the state House of Representatives.

The bill expands the do-not-call list to personal and business wireless phones, as well as to fax machines, but it does not include business landlines, the Associated Press reported yesterday. Solicitations through faxes, graphic images, text messages and data communications would all be outlawed under this new legislation.

An Associated Press-AOL-Pew research poll taken in March reported that 18 percent of people have received unsolicited advertising messages on their cell phones.

Cell phone owners already can place their numbers on the federal government's no-call list. Other states such as North Dakota and Tennessee have added cell phones to their do-not-call registries.

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