MiracleWorkers.com Launches First Marketing Campaign

MiracleWorkers.com is rolling out its first major offline and online marketing campaign by offering respondents the chance to win a 2000 BMW Z3 convertible.

The Web site serves as a job search engine for aspiring and current healthcare professionals. It has 15,000 job postings from 47 states for doctors, nurses and health specialists, such as radiologists.

David Markert, vice president of marketing at MiracleWorkers, Atlanta, said the first direct mail campaign was conducted earlier in the year and was designed to build the database of job offerings on the site.

“It was more of a business-to-business type direct mail campaign in which we mailed nearly 10,000 pieces to hospitals throughout the country,” he said. “More specifically, it targeted hospital recruiters and human resource people within those facilities.”

This first major business-to-consumer, integrated campaign includes direct mail, print, Web and radio advertising.

Last week, MiracleWorkers began dropping nearly 1 million direct mail pieces targeting graduating nurses and residents, medical school students and practicing professional nurses and doctors.

In all, the company designed four different pieces, each containing a call-to-action to visit the Web site and either post their resume, create a resume or use the confidential search agent, which allows visitors to search for a job without any of their colleagues' or employers' knowledge.

The pieces all stress the ease and efficiency that MiracleWorkers provides in job hunting. It also informs recipients that by posting a resume or using the confidential search agent, they automatically will be registered for the BMW giveaway contest. To register, they need to provide their name, address, e-mail address, profession and specialty.

The site first went after 15,000 graduating nurses and 35,000 graduating residents when it mailed a two-page fold out piece last week with the theme “search while you sleep.” It also sent 10,000 pieces to 950 deans of nursing schools and 7,500 directors of resident programs to stuff in student mailboxes. The pieces went out to graduating residents of both the 2000 and 2001 classes.

The nurses will receive a postcard mailer in two weeks. MiracleWorkers will mail the postcard piece to 150,000 practicing nurses and doctors as well.

This week, the site will mail a scratch-off piece to practicing nurses with the statement “Medical professionals have a lot on their mind” written across the forehead of a working surgeon. Scratching it off reveals the question “Is there a better job out there for me?”

Next week, more than 200,000 doctors will receive a tri-fold piece containing a business reply card that they can fill out with information about themselves, their specialty and their ideal job.

“We want to try a few different things and see which draws the best responses amongst each group,” Markert said.

Three different full-page print ads, some of which began running in March, will run from mid-April until early May in 15 weekly and monthly trade publications, including Nurse Practitioner, Nursing 2000, American Family Physician and Modern Health Care.

A quarter-page ad ran in USA Today last month, while ads are appearing in local newspapers, such as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Orange County. MiracleWorkers placed some of those ads in the newspapers' classified sections.

All of the ads contain a call-to-action to visit the Web site to register, along with information on its services and features and the BMW contest.

A radio ad has been running in Atlanta, St. Louis, Seattle, Minneapolis and Nashville, TN. Markert said additional spots soon will begin running in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The ad also aims to drive people to the Web site and discusses the BMW contest. It begins with what sounds like a doctor scrubbing in for surgery but is actually someone scrubbing the ink from the newspaper classified sections off their hands. It then makes the point that looking for a job through MiracleWorkers is not only easier but also less messy.

Both the radio and print campaigns will run for about four to six weeks, ending in mid-May.

The company is running banner ads on sites like medscape.com, PDR.net and nursing2000.

“We are also doing some consortium stuff with DoubleClick,” Markert said. “There is some e-mailing that is being done, but it is hard to find good lists of medical professionals at this time.”

MiracleWorkers also advertised at a few trade shows and conferences earlier this year, including a National Student Nurses Association gathering, which was held in Salt Lake City.

Due to a limited budget, MiracleWorkers decided to create its own inhouse agency by hiring a number of independent contractors to handle the graphics and design of the pieces and ads. Markert said it plans to spend in the neighborhood of $12 million on advertising throughout the year.

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