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Minnesota Governor Signs DNC List Bill

Gov. Jesse Ventura signed a bill yesterday creating a telemarketing do-not-call list in Minnesota, the 23rd state to do so and the third this year, the governor's press office said.

The list is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2003. Penalties include $1,000 per violation of the list.

In the first year the law is effective, telemarketers must pay a $125 fee each quarter to obtain the list. The fee will decrease to $90 per quarter in 2004 and to $75 per quarter thereafter.

State consumers will be able to register for the DNC list by mail or electronically. The law includes a provision that if the Federal Trade Commission creates a national DNC list, names of Minnesotans on that list will be added to the state list.

Minnesota's DNC list law includes standard exemptions for nonprofits and existing business relationships. Solicitation calls for sales not to be completed over the phone but to be completed later at a face-to-face meeting are also exempt.

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