MINI Financial Services by G2 Direct & Digital

In 2007, car maker MINI wanted to raise consumer awareness of its MINI Financial Services and educate car dealers on the benefits of promoting the service. G2 Direct & Digital developed a campaign to “put the fun in financing,” to engage core segments more effectively with the MINI’s financing options.

“The benefit for the dealer is that the car buyer is more likely to be loyal, and come back to the dealership for their next car or to turn in a current one, plus the buyer’s information is stored in a database for future promotions,” explains Liz Martin, management supervisor, G2 Direct & Digital.

Online banner ads featured a virtual MINI, which would drive around the banner revealing key message points, and a landing page that displayed two different APR offers. Dealerships featured disco balls, karaoke machines and portable pianos to convey the lighthearted MINI experience.

“We wanted to go at it from a consumer standpoint as well as through the dealer. We had the point-of-sale props to not only engage the customers but also engage the dealers in the whole process of educating the customers on the MINI Financial Services products,” says Martin. “It was the first time we had any brand presence in the dealers – big signs, brochures, hand-outs. It was about bringing the brand to life in the dealers.”

Associate Creative Director
Martin Berman

Associate Creative Director
Ludovic Moulin

Ian McAllister

Management Supervisor
Elizabeth Martin

Interactive Media Planner
Kyle Shull

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