Mini book promotes VW’s new mini car Up

The Offer: With DDB UK at the creative wheel, Volkswagen devised a tiny book of photography to encourage test drives of its smallest-ever car by the people who matter most: the fleet managers who oversee the maintenance and operation of a company’s convoy of transport vehicles. The Narrow Roads of Britain contains images snapped by British landscape photographer Harry Cory Wright showcasing the thinnest country. lanes and city streets in the U.K. — roads so tight, the idea is only drivers of VW’s mini, dubbed the “Up,” can enjoy. The GPS coordinates for each street are printed on the corresponding page.

The Data: VW sent 6,000 free copies of the book, which contains 18 images and illustrations, to fleet managers all around the U.K. Wright traveled roughly 3,000 miles across the British Isles with representatives from Volkswagen Fleet Services to seek out the windiest, slimmest roads he could find.

The Channel: The book, small enough to fit comfortably in a glove compartment, was mailed to all fleet managers who expressed interest in test driving the Up.

The Creative: The GPS details in the book aim to promote the Up’s new “Maps and More” console, which includes a customizable satellite navigation system.

The Verdict:

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This is a great example of a very simple (and small) idea that packs a big punch. In addition to being well done — from art direction to production — this glove box-sized book puts the true features and benefits of this small car into the driver’s hands. This is a perfect example of knowing your target, knowing your product and making an ideal and engaging match.

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