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MindCrossing Launches Platform for Knowledge Stores

MindCrossing Inc. is expected to launch a platform today to allow business-to-business exchanges to sell information and intellectual property through specially created stores.

The MindCrossing Knowledge Commerce system will let BTB sites acquire, store, manage and deliver such knowledge. The aim is to give BTB marketplaces and corporate BTB sites an edge over rivals that may have the same vendors and buyers but offer different information.

“You can basically browse the mind of the expert, and you can see the topics the way the expert thinks about the topics,” said Mark Owen, CEO of MindCrossing, Mountain View, CA.

These MindStores will feature content including how-to guides, photographs and images, audio clips, spreadsheets, case studies, e-mail lists, white papers, videos, books and reports. Content can be bought in multiple forms. The user license will be valid for 30 days.

Clients that have signed up include practice.com and IQ4Hire.com, two information-technology services exchanges; BizProLink.com, which has 124 industry categories on its site; and comsoc.com, an Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers program that showcases publications of its members.

Revenue from sales of such knowledge will be split among the industry expert who assembles the content, the exchange that hosts the store and MindCrossing. In addition, MindCrossing is paid for the infrastructure to host the platform.

Besides creating the platform and hosting it for the BTB player, MindCrossing also will recruit the industry experts and will manage intellectual property rights and payments.

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