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Mind Drivers, 3Com and MarketTools forge new e-mail partnerships

Three new e-mail marketing partnerships have been forged in the past week.

Mind Drivers, a business development organization for online businesses has selected StrongMail Systems Inc. to power e-mail for its social networking community YouChoose.net, a network of more than 250,000 members that discuss political issues and pop culture online. Members receive e-mail newsletters based on the content and discussions happening, as well as e-mails about user-generated activity within those communities.

Also, 3Com Corp. has teamed up with Commtouch, licensing Commtouch’s GlobalView Mail Reputation Service as the 3Com Anti-Spam Filter Service for its 3Com Unified Security Platforms.

And finally, San Francisco-based MarketTools, an online market research and technology firm has selected Message Systems to manage its e-mail deliverability. MarketTools focuses on global research tools including Web-based products and custom surveys. Message Systems’ Delivery Manager e-mail tool will monitor MarketTools’ bounce processing, reporting and throttling capabilities, as well as overall deliverability infrastructure.

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