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mIn Initiates Service for Managers, Owners

Marketing Information Network, Oklahoma City, has formally announced its first service aimed at list managers and owners.

“Traditionally, mIn has offered services to the brokerage side,” said Trey Barrett, director of the newly formed List Owner/Manager Services division. “Our services for brokers have to be requested. Now we are giving the manager and owner an opportunity to put something in front of the broker that adds to their marketing mix.”

The service promotes data cards and other list information to brokers, agencies and consultants via e-mail, fax and direct mail. Barrett said mIn has a file of 1,500 e-mail addresses and 750 fax numbers and a total file of more than 5,000 contacts in the brokerage and direct marketing industry. Multiple brokers at a single location receive one fax unless they specify otherwise.

List Owner/Manager Services has been operating since late last year. Barrett said the service gives managers a way to supplement their inhouse promotional database. The goal for mIn, he said, is to build the best file of list brokers and list purchasers ever made available to the management community.

A direct mail file and distribution system is being built, Barrett said. He did not disclose prices.

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