Millward Brown Chooses SPSS MR

Millward Brown, a market research firm, announced yesterday that it has purchased a three-year license of SPSS Inc.'s market research software solutions.

SPSS MR, the market research arm of SPSS, Chicago, will provide Millward Brown with a set of industry-standard tools for use in its entire market research process worldwide, from designing surveys and collecting data to analysis and reporting. The company regularly conducts research in more than 60 countries.

According to Millward Brown, the agreement will help the company as it strives toward global standardization.

“As we've grown internationally, we've moved toward adopting global standards across our entire group, and SPSS MR's global presence really helps us,” said Mike Leigh, Millward Brown account liaison. “We believe they are the only truly global provider of market research software, and they offer good, quality products. SPSS MR has a complete array of tools that address all aspects of research, from Web to telephone and personal interviewing products to data analysis software.”

Millward Brown selected SPSS MR software to streamline its processes and increase operational efficiency, Leigh said. For example, using the same software ensures file compatibility and reduces the number of overlapping software packages that must be learned and supported.

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