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Mills governance boosts Maine’s small-scale businesses with $3 million funding

"Maine Business Boost"
“Maine Business Boost”

Sanford, July 5th, 2024 — The Mills governance has granted $3 million in funding to boost marketing efforts of small-scale businesses, with the Maine wood pellet industry taking a significant share. The funding aims to escalate sectors’ profitability and sustainability, benefiting several Maine pellet production businesses.

The move promotes local industry and encourages environmentally friendly practices due to the sustainable nature of wood pellets. It also spurs job creation in Maine. Beneficiaries welcome the initiative, hoping to amplify their marketing strategies, stimulate demand, and boost the economy.

The Mills Governance continues supporting small businesses in Maine, promising a brighter future for the state’s economy and environment. Tony Wood, Co-Owner of Wood & Sons, expresses gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to expand their customer base and create well-structured and effective advertising strategies through these funds.

Wood believes many disregard wood pellet heating during the peak winter season due to a lack of promotional efforts.

Maine’s small-scale businesses flourish with Mills funding

However, with newly acquired financial aid, he is hopeful about changing this scenario. The Maine Pellet Fuels Association, led by Wood, has received a $100,000 trade grant to promote Maine-crafted wood pellets.

As part of its strategy, the association will organize advertisements and informational sessions about local wood pellets’ environmental benefits and superior quality. Additionally, they plan to invest in product research and development for improved efficiency and sustainability.

Wood stove usage is limited to only 2% of New England households, but Wood anticipates that this percentage will increase substantially through strategic marketing ventures enabled by the grant. This initiative aims to accentuate the environmental and cost-effective benefits of these systems and encourage increased adoption.

The Mills administration also lent financial support to forty-five other local businesses in Maine: Luke’s Seafood, Maine Outdoor Brands, Discover Downtown Westbrook, Goat Island Boat Shop, Water Bear Wellness Center, Matinicus Craft Brewery, and Moosehead Leather Company. These businesses received grants between $70,000 and $250,000 to market their products and penetrate new markets, aiming to boost the local economy and sustain local employment.

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