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Millennials Just Won’t Let Go of the Phone

For the sakes of millennials everywhere, let’s hope their mothers don’t get hold of today’s study from SDL reporting that members of the now-dominant generational group touch their cell phones 43 times a day. Or let’s hope for their sakes that at least one out of 300 of their weekly touches is an interaction with dear old mom.

As for marketers wanting to interact with millennials, being on message is crucial, according to results of this survey of more than 1,800 global consumers aged 18 to 36. Because of their incessant relationships with their phones and other devices (67% in the U.S. touched two devices daily; 45% touched three) marketers needn’t waste time altering messages by channel, says SDL, a customer experience company. Sixty percent of millennials said they expected a consistent experience from brands whether it was online, in-store, or over the phone.

“Marketers should focus on the experiences customers want throughout the customer journey, and adjust company strategies to coincide,” says SDL’s CMO Paige O’Neill. “It is vital for organizations to ensure channels are so connected that they become irrelevant.”

Millennials generally understand the proposition that they must trade data to interact on the Web, though they are not accepting of the tradeoff. Some data exchanges are more acceptable than others, however. Young adults don’t mind recording of click-throughs, email addresses, or device-specific usage information. On the other hand, they do not cotton to giving up phone numbers, browser information, or locations.

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