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Millard Wins Management of Coldwater Creek Properties

Millard Group Inc. will serve as list manager for the entire Coldwater Creek list portfolio of more than 1.5 million last-12-month buyers from five catalog titles effective May 26, the company said today.

The Coldwater Creek properties are Northcountry with 1.3 million last-12-month buyers; Spirit with 381,000 last-12-month buyers; Elements with 413,000 last-12-month buyers; Gifts to Go with 110,000 last-12-month buyers and Coldwater's sale book with 155,000 last-12-month buyers.

These files are included within the Coldwater Creek Master File of more than 1.5 million last-12-month buyers.

Also, enhanced Coldwater Creek files are available such as an Enhanced Master File with more than 1 million last-12-month buyers as well as Seniors Enhanced, Kids Enhanced, Z-24 Enhanced and CircBase Enhanced files.

All Coldwater Creek catalog lists are enhanced monthly with demographic and lifestyle information.

Coldwater Creek buyers mainly are women ages 35-55 with an income of $50,000+. Selections on the files include geography, gender, recency, dollar, product, credit card, age, income and lifestyle selects.

“We are looking forward to working with Millard Group,” Karen Reed, senior vice president of corporate marketing for Coldwater Creek, said in a statement. “Their innovative development of cross-divisional segmentation will open up valuable new list opportunities and growth.”

Millard is based in Peterborough, NH.

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