Millard Division Grabs Three Alternative Programs

Millard Group Inc. said that its AM/Direct division was appointed alternative media manager for three new programs.

It now manages Hanover Direct's Silhouettes package insert program and catalog blow-in program as well as the Martha By Mail package insert program.

The Silhouettes programs offer 468,000 packages yearly at $60/M and about 13.4 catalogs for 2002 at $30/M. Silhouettes buyers are mostly females with an average age of 42 and an average income of $50,000. The average order on the file is $120.

The Martha By Mail program is estimated at 360,000 packages for 2002 at $60/M. Buyers are 84 percent female with a median age of 46 and a median household income of $71,940. The average unit of sale is $85.

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