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Millard Boosts Nonprofit Presence

Direct marketing services provider Millard Group, Petersborough, NH, announced late last month that as part of its new business strategy it will become more involved in the nonprofit sector. It attributes the new effort to the hiring of Valerie Bloom as the new account manager in its Connecticut office.

Millard currently works with nonprofit groups such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Monticello, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Wildlife Federation, Smithsonian Institution, Winterthur and World Wildlife Fund. It recently brought two new groups aboard, The American Printing House for the Blind and Little City Foundation. According to Millard, it will focus mainly on list management for nonprofit groups, but will also do circulation planning, analysis, marketing services and help enhance the Web presence of those who are looking to do so.

“We have always had people handle the nonprofit accounts along with numerous other projects,” Bloom said. “Now we are going to have one person focus on nothing but nonprofits. Hopefully that will allow us to better penetrate the nonprofit market.”

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