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Miles Media uses social tools in e-mails for travel campaigns

Miles Media, an agency that specializes in marketing for travel and tourism bureaus, is using a share-to-social tool for its clients’ e-mail marketing efforts.

Miles used the Silverpop tool in e-mail marketing efforts for Visit Florida and for West Virginia’s tourism board. The technology allows recipients to share the message with friends by posting it directly to their Facebook, MySpace or Twitter pages. The goal of both campaigns was to acquire new customers.

“We wanted to make the messages more visible and get them out as many times as we could,” said Jenni Fox, e-mail publications manager at Miles. “The second part of this is to get more people to opt-in for our e-mail campaigns.”

Consumers are given the option to opt into an e-mail campaign by clicking on the Facebook post of the message. After running the Visit Florida e-mails with the social media sharing tool, the program saw a 61% increase in e-mail opt-ins.

“The optimum goal in every one of our programs is to grow business to the state or destination that we are working with,” added Fox. “This tool was great, because it helped expand the ad, and it is free to use. If we get it out to 10 more people to opt in, then that is 10 people for free.”

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