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Midwestern newsletter gets warm reception in Southern California

I don’t know how this newsletter found its way to me, but I’m glad it did.

The title — Mind Matters — immediately appealed to my love of a well-turned phrase. The creative talent behind the Rediscover newsletter found a pitch-perfect way to tell me what Rediscover is and who it serves while providing information in a context that is useful, enjoyable and respectful of all readers.

Use of the Rediscover name and logo were also well thought out. While there was the possibility of overkill on the cover, the choice to visually weight each instance differently allowed for reinforcement, not intrusiveness.

I became aware of Rediscover, not overcome by it. The purity of the cropped cover photo — a woman’s lips and a child’s straightforward gaze — are a wonderful juxtaposition to the topic of mental health. The overall effect is that of watching a story unfold from crisis to hope to happiness.

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