Midwest Trots Away With Equine File

Midwest Direct Marketing Inc. has introduced the new-to-market Schneiders Saddlery file.

Schneiders Saddlery is a family owned catalog of equestrian products. It has been around since 1948. The file offers 69,170 12-month buyers at a base price of $120/M.

“The strategy here is to improve visibility of the catalog in the marketplace,” said Dorothy J. Rusk, vice president of Midwest Direct Marketing , Spring Hill, KS.

Midwest Direct has worked with Schneider since 2004, but on the list brokerage side. Offering this list helps Schneider offset its brokerage costs, Ms. Rusk said.

The file consists of catalog requesters along with buyers, and 75 percent are female. They have an average age of 50 and an average household income of $70,000. The list is selectable by geography, gender, telephone and demographics.

These do-it-yourselfers often buy products such as tools, gardening and estate equipment, pet-related items, equine and farm- and ranch-themed items for interior and exterior design.

Among many horse-related files on the market, Ms. Rusk called this particular one very upscale, a “really nice coffee table catalog.”

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