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Mid-market execs want to improve site personalization, targeting: ATG

Ninety-eight percent of mid-market executives are looking to add better personalization, segmentation and targeting on their company websites, according to a survey from ATG, an e-commerce software provider.

ATG surveyed 60 executives from companies with overall revenue of $500 million and Web revenue up to $100 million. More than half (52%) of the executives surveyed said they are dissatisfied with the business tools they use for merchandising and promotion, and 53% said they plan to experiment with social and mobile commerce.

Exactly eight in 10 respondents said e-commerce growth will continue to be a critical part of their business over the next three years. However, 40% said they are not satisfied with their site’s current shopping experience, to the point that they are planning to re-platform and re-launch their sites soon.

A majority (55%) also said they want to improve their ability to offer, control and manage promotions, while 37% said they want to improve the “help” and customer service features on the site.

“Advancements in e-commerce technology, coupled with the emergence of new mobile devices that allow consumers to browse merchants’ sites on the go, have forced e-commerce executives to continually re-evaluate their commerce platforms,” said Bill Zujewski, VP of product marketing at ATG. “Having a website just isn’t enough anymore. Customers demand a consistent, informative and personal experience across all commerce channels and devices, but merchants often struggle with providing that experience and being able to manage it from the back end.”

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