Microsoft's Arbogast Touts Technology, Enforcement, Collaboration in Phishing Fight

CHICAGO–A Microsoft executive keynoting the Email Authentication Summit yesterday said that new technology, vigilant enforcement and industry collaboration will fuel e-mail authentication and e-mail recipients.

“We need to continue to innovate…making sure their [senders'] communication to customers are protected,” said Brian Arbogast, corporate vice president, Microsoft.

While the industry has come far on authentication, the rise in spam and phishing in e-mails is deterring consumers from opening their e-mails and shopping online, Mr. Arbogast said.

A majority of consumers say they are more cautious about buying products online and 14 percent have stopped paying bills online, Arbogast said.

Some ISPs are making technological advances to combat spam and phishing. Microsoft recently added a Phishing Filter to the MSN Live toolbar beta, and the filter will be included in Internet Explorer 7.

The opt-in Phishing Filter, an “early warning system” that operates in the background of consumers' Microsoft's browser, notifies people of suspicious Web sites that could steal personal information.

It also has been vital for Microsoft to work with law enforcement officials on prosecuting spammers and phishers, Arbogast said. “We've been involved with [several] actions against criminals, and many others are doing the same thing,” he said.

While the major ISPS compete over many issues, Arbogast recognizes the value of collaborating when it comes to e-mail authentication. “We continue to believe that collaboration is a critical key to success,” Arbogast said.

Arbogast also urged more e-mail senders to adopt e-mail authentication technologies.

“We need to finish the process of having all the senders authenticated… for advances to really take shape and grow. Authenticate your inbound and outbound e-mail. Publish your SPF records. Look at DKIM [DomainKeys],” Arbogast said.

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