Microsoft wants to buy your old iPads?

In a bid to get people to replace their old Apple purchases with shiny new Microsoft devices, Microsoft is running a promotion where it will take your “gently used” old iPads and give you a gift card in exchange to spend in a Microsoft store. 

You can trade in an iPad 2,3, or 4 to get upto a $200 gift card to spend on buying Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet or any other item in the store.  

An interesting scheme, but will people go for it? It’s not exactly Cash for Clunkers, and I don’t know too many people who are willing to trade in their iPads, no matter how old, for a Surface RT, which just doesn’t have that intangible element of cool so cherished by Apple users. And with the iPad still the dominant industry tablet, Microsoft is going to have to try a lot harder to take it out of people’s hands. 


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