Microsoft enters the interactive TV market with DVR Anywhere

Microsoft is taking on Apple, Netflix and Amazon, coming to the video device race with its new DVR Anywhere service, available on the Microsoft Mediaroom Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and multimedia platform.

With DVR Anywhere, viewers can watch recorded programs from multiple TVs in the home while simultaneously recording other shows. In addition, viewers in different rooms can watch the same program at the same time.

Microsoft also announced it is working with programmers including Showtime Networks Inc. and Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s TNT and CNN networks for new connected TV applications and scenarios that are enabled by the extensible Mediaroom platform. The programming will merge the television viewing experience with the Web.

The features of will be brought to the TV viewer. While watching NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races broadcast by TNT, fans can choose between several different live in-car driver cameras and driver audio, while simultaneously watching the main race.

The Showtime Interactive Boxing feature lets viewers choose from several live audio feeds while watching the boxing match. CNN’s election coverage can also be merged in this way.

In addition, Microsoft will offer an application called My Pad, designed and built by emuse technologies, which connects viewers to their social networks through the

TV via Windows Live services. It also lets viewers share personal pages that exist online and on the TV.

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