Virginity Map

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: TVNZ

Producers of New Zealand’s TVNZ’s drama series, Go Girls, wanted a cost-effective way to attract more viewers during the show’s second season to ensure a season three pick-up. Incorporating the plotlines of Go Girls, which usually revolve around who’s sleeping with who, AIM Proximity built a cheeky Virginity Map website where users could find intimate knowledge about the show’s characters and share some of their own. It was applauded by the Caples judges for being “right on brand” as well as for its use of Google Maps. Visitors to the Virginity Map are invited to place a virtual pin on the location of where they “lost theirs” and add a rating and commentary. More than 19,000 unique visitors have checked out the Virginity Map site, and 1,731 pins have been placed on the map. On-demand views of Go Girls on the TVNZ website increased by 70% in the two weeks following the Virginity Map launch, and production on Go Girls’ season three is to begin soon.

Executive Creative Director
Nick Worthington

Creative Director
Michael Barnfield

Art Directors
David Reid, Jason Vertongen

Steve Anderson, Mike Kelly

Mr. Knowitall

Agency: M&C Saatchi/Mark
Client: Samsung

Samsung hired M&C Saatchi/Mark to develop a campaign that would bolster the launch of its Social Hub and demonstrate how the mobile application works. The agency created Mr. Knowitall, a fictional character who knows everything about everyone in his social circle thanks to the Samsung app that integrates all of a user’s social networks into one easy-to-use interface. To show how the Social Hub works, the agency featured a secondary social media timeline that unfolded along with the story and consisted of all the social media and messaging to which Mr. Knowitall was privy. The experiential online campaign also gave users the chance to star in the movie along with four Facebook friends by adding their names, profile photos and the music they liked, making it more personal. The Caples judges appreciated the campaign’s “good use of appropriate social media interaction” and “great production values.” The microsite has received more than 100,000 unique visitors since launch.

Executive Creative Director
Gavin McLeod

Senior Art Director
Alex Booker

Senior Copywriter
Mitch Alison

Creative Director
Joshua Rowe

Live Rescue

Agency: DDB Group New Zealand RappTribal

Client: Coastguard New Zealand

Coastguard New Zealand wanted to demonstrate the difficulties of saving a life at sea to the country’s citizens in order to increase donations by at least 20%. RappTribal in New Zealand organized a live rescue event, which involved the public in a mock search for four people stranded off the country’s coast. In addition, direct response ads sent viewers to liverescue.co.nz, a microsite that placed visitors in a search simulator and gave them the tools available to the Coastguard with the objective to locate the victims. The campaign demonstrated the difficulties that the Coastguard endures daily, with only 1.8% of participants able to locate the boat. Caples judges approved of the microsite’s immersive experience and “good integration of weather and time information to enhance the experience.” The campaign resulted in 2010 online donations that were nine times higher than the previous year and a 41% increase in overall donations, doubling the client’s goal.

Group Executive Creative Director
Toby Talbot

Deputy Creative Director
Regan Grafton

Art Director
Brett Colliver

Copy Director
Matt Swinburne

Interactive Designer
Steven Leong



Agency: BBDO New York
Client: HBO

HBO needed an online presence that surpassed any offered by other TV networks and encouraged people to connect deeper with the brand. BBDO New York developed HBOImagine.com/archive, an aesthetically pleasing way for users to explore and navigate HBO video content that kept with the network’s premium pedigree. The interactive site was part of a multichannel campaign that carried the brand concept, “It’s more than you imagined.” Hundreds of thousands visited the site and 70% of them recommended it to their friends through share functions.

Chief Creative Officers
David Lubars, Bill Bruce

Executive Creative Directors
Greg Hahn, Mike Smith

Art Director
Brandon Mugar

Adam Reeves

Pop What You’re Not

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity Melbourne
Client: Mercedes Benz Australia

Mercedes Benz Australia had been unable to get more than 8% of its Smart Car owners to respond to its post-purchase surveys. BBDO Proximity Melbourne launched the Pop What You’re Not online survey as a way for customers to develop a visual profile of who they are by popping bubbles that detailed who they aren’t. Survey responses increased to 29%, giving Mercedes Benz Australia information to assist repurchase and brand advocacy and establish meaningful customer relationships.

Creative Director
Peter Bidenko

Art Director
Rebekah Wallman

Scot van den Driesen

Digital Producrer
Sasha Cunningham

The Weight of Your Good Deeds

Agency: OgilvyOne Spain
Client: ING Direct

ING Direct wanted to promote a charitable cause during the holidays while also creating a stronger brand awareness. It teamed with OgilvyOne Spain to create an online campaign that set the goal of capturing “50 kilos of good deeds on the Internet.” Good deeds were collected via the website and fans could share the initiative and cause by e-mail or Facebook. The proceeds went to UNICEF, and the campaign led to 160,000 hits to the site and 5,000 new Facebook fans.

Executive Creative Director
Jesus Rasines

Creative Director
Diego Gonzalez

Art Director
Debora Martin

Ramiro Alda

Train to Win

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide
Client: Nike Philippines

Nike wanted to use the Manny Pacquiao’s boxing match with Joshua Clottey to empower amateur Filipino athletes. OgilvyOne Worldwide launched the online “Train to Win” campaign to challenge them to do as many consecutive push-ups as they could and post videos of their sessions on the site. Nike awarded a raffle ticket to win exclusive Nike Pacquiao apparel for every push-up. In 10 days, the website tripled the page views of Nike’s previous Pacquiao campaign.

Creative Director
Dino Ocampo

Art Directors
Ryan Raneses, Pocoy Calvento

Senior Copywriter
Bonnie Doroy

Aithne Lao

The Right Resolution Is on the Web

Agency: Red Urban GmbH
Client: Getty Images

Getty Images wanted to spotlight its discounted web-optimized content to creative directors and art buyers in order to compete with stock photo agencies’ online services. Red Urban GmbH executed an offline-mailing to drive recipients to a microsite, featuring the strength of Getty Images’ online offerings. The campaign was teased on Getty Images brand website as well as via the company’s social media channels.

Executive Creative Director
Andreas Klemp

Art Directors
Adrian Pavic, Marianne Bartl

Lena Felixberger, Niklas Maier

Jersey Doesn’t Stink

Agency: Rosetta
Client: High Point Auto Insurance

With High Point Insurance’s rivals outspending it five to one, the New Jersey-based company asked Rosetta to raise brand awareness. The agency created a pro-New Jersey campaign, the Jersey Doesn’t Stink microsite allowing visitors to declare that the state doesn’t stink and send downloadable pre-written letters to TV networks. In less than three months, the site received 82,913 unique visitors.

Chief Creative Officer
Gary Scheiner

Group Creative Director
George Lepore

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter
Kim Gallina


Agency: Rosetta
Client: Rosetta

Rosetta launched its Snowday campaign in order to assert itself as a world-class interactive agency. The Snowday microsite combined facial recognition software and motion tracking algorithms to develop a game in which users attempt to “catch” snowflakes on their tongue and then can share pictures of themselves playing the game via Facebook. The game generated over 4,000 shared media links and garnered the agency more than half a dozen new requests for work.

Chief Creative Officer
Gary Scheiner

Executive Creative Director
Toni Hess

Art Director/Designer
Damien Girardi

Chuck Wells

User Experience
Regan Vanden Boogard


Virgin Media ‘Sofa Stadium’

Agency: Elvis Communications
Client: Virgin Media

Virgin Media wanted to raise awareness of its online content offering and increase brand engagement. Elvis Communications developed the Sofa Stadium online application to add a new social and experiential layer for football fans to interact while watching a match. The application’s beta launch averaged 17 minutes and 22 seconds of interaction time, with 93% of participants surveyed rating it positively.

Creative Director
Ben Clapp

Art Director
Stuart O’Neill

Seth Jones

Linden Dance


Starbucks Love Project
Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Starbucks & (RED)
CCO: David Lubars

Create Your Own Cool

Agency: BMF
Client: Commonwealth Bank
ECD: Dylan Taylor


Agency: Draftfcb Cape Town
Client: Distell-Savanna
ECD: Glynn Venter

Don’t Go Zombie

Agency: Elvis
Client: Virgin Trains
ECD: Ben Clapp

World Wide Egg

Agency: Wunderman
Client: Lufthansa Germany
ECD: Erik Backes

Hidden Pizza Restaurant

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity Melbourne
Client: Sensis Yellow Pages
ECD: Ant Keogh

It’s Always Nighttime Somewhere

Agency: Blast Radius
Client: P&G BOSS Fragrances
CCO: Chip Reingold


Whale song/Single consumer

Agency: Optus
Client: M&C Saatchi/Mark

Optus, Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, wanted to establish itself in the increasingly saturated telecom industry. The company decided to use an inspirational and positive message to convey its position. Agency M&C Saatchi/Mark created a microsite, drawing on research from the University of Queensland that concludes whales sing complex love songs to one another. The microsite featured an orchestra and a multidimensional whale and the tagline “When it comes to communication, anything is possible.” The site exceeded 135,000 visits, against a target of 72,000. Visitors spent an average of three minutes on the site, and 83% interacted with the whale.

Creative Director
Gavin McLeod

Mitch Alison

Creative Group Head
Josh Rowe

Art Director
Michael Glass, Josh Rowe

Punya Huxter, Boffswana

Client Service
Hally Starr

Jacquie Ford

Growth/Business campaign

Agency: Proximity London
Client: Company: Royal Mail

Royal Mail wanted to show UK small businesses that direct mail is highly effective when used as part of an integrated campaign. Proximity London initiated a strategy to prove the channel’s efficacy by positioning Royal Mail as a potential business partner for small business, rather than just a means of transporting materials from one location to another. The “Growth” campaign had at its core a microsite consisting of 14 questions for small-business owners regarding growth strategies. Proximity’s database generated helpful advice, products and case studies customized to each respondent’s answers, and each respondent was sent a tailored direct mail package. Since October 2008, 270,000 visits to the site have resulted in a 50% conversion rate and a 25% referral rate.

Art Director/Executive Creative Director
Duncan Gray

Marcus Iles, Chris Monk

Jonas Lembke, Pete Petrella

Chris Monk


Speak in thumbs/Single consumer

Agency: AT&T
Client: Atmosphere BBDO

In November, AT&T wanted to promote how easy it is to text on the Samsung Propel and Pantech Matrix phones to 16- to 24-year-olds. Atmosphere BBDO created a site allowing users to add their favorite text abbreviations and definitions to the Web. More than 720,000 unique visitors came to the site between November 3 and December 31. More than 28,000 definitions were added.

Senior Creative Director
Arturo Aranda

Associate Creative Directors
Ron Lent, Mark Radcliffe

Art Director
Jake Blumenau

Senior Copywriter
Kim Mok

Senior Designer
Kathy Choi

Senior Producer
Carrie Sampson

Group Account Director
Will Townsend

Account Director
Brett Barash

Senior Account Executive
Anne Hwang

Technical Director
Josh Dreier

Pi Planets/Single consumer

Agency: Commonwealth Bank
Client: BMF

Commonwealth Bank partnered with agency BMF and Playstation 3, which was launching the LittleBigPlanet video game, to connect with teens and encourage more account deposits. Users who made a $10 deposit into their accounts during an eight-week period could create their own planet online. Users then voted on the best, and winners walked away with Playstation loot. The site was visited 76,515 times.

Creative Director, Direct
Dylan Taylor

Art Director
Luke Hawkins

Damon Porter

Associate Creative Director
Brad Waggoner

The yellow treehouse/Business campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: The Yellow Pages Group

In New Zealand, the Yellow Pages was seen as an old fashioned book that was no longer the best place for people to find businesses. Because of this, Yellow was finding it increasingly difficult to sell listings in its books and to get people to use its books and site. AIM Proximity wanted to show that consumers could do any job using only Yellow. The agency set up Tracey Collins, a young, pleasant New Zealander with restaurant experience, with the mission to build a restaurant in a Redwood tree using only Yellow to find the myriad suppliers she needed. Each business that helped was featured and linked on YellowTreehouse.co.nz. DRTV, radio, print, billboards, mail and Web ads showed the progress of the restaurant, which, once completed, allowed people to register for a meal. Two thousand people visited the restaurant before it was taken over by Redwood Park, where it was constructed. Yellow itself reaped treetop-high results: Sales of its directories increased 6.7%, with online usage rising 11%, year-over-year.

Also placed Gold in the Integrated and Interactive categories.

Executive Creative Director
Nick Worthington

Creative Directors
Steve Cochrane, Dave King

Head of Interactive Art
Aaron Goldring

Group Account Director
Matt Pickering

Art Director
Maria Lishman

Anne Boothroyd

Art Director
Tony Clewett

Digital Producer
Amanda Theobald

Senior Digital Designer
Shanan Goldring

James Hurman

The best job in the world/Single consumer

Agency: SapientNitro
Client: Tourism Queensland

Tourism Queensland was in a bind. Consumers booking island vacations were often looking beyond the Great Barrier Reef to locations such as Greece, the Maldives and Hawaii. Agency SapientNitro decided to draw attention to the area by offering the best job in the world — “island caretaker.” The contest launched in January 2009, offering a paid ($150,000 AUS) position for six months. Applicants from around the world — nearly 35,000 of them from 20 countries — entered by sending 60-second video applications. Because applicants needed to demonstrate knowledge of the area, they were forced to learn more about the Reef region, thus raising awareness of the destination. The winner was Ben Southall, a diving and sailing enthusiast from the United Kingdom. Southall reported on his experience through blogs, photos and video diaries celebrating the islands. The campaign garnered plenty of worldwide attention, and news articles covering it are still searchable on Google. Not bad for a budget of less than $2 million.

Also placed Gold in Social Media and Silver in Integrated and Interactive

Art Directors
Cristian Staal, Ralph Barnett

Creative Directors
Nancy Hartley, James Burchill

Account Directors
Anne-Maree Wilson, Adam Form, Edwina Gilmour

National Strategy Planning Director
Darren McColl

Senior Digital Producer
Jason Kibsgaard



Dodge Ram challenge
BBDO, New York / BBDO, Detroit

DaimlerChrysler Services North America LLC
CCO: David Lubars, Bill Bruce

Corryvreckan – The Sea-quel: A Tale With a Twist

The Glenmorangie Company
CD: Dave Mullen

KDW shotgun challenge
The Martin Agency

CD: Cliff Sorah

Ogilvy & Mather, New York

CD: David Korchin

Where Ronaldo will be 3 years from now
Proximity, Portugal

Banco Espirito Santo
CCO: Pedro Bidarra

CTO: Dharmesh Shah

3-D Web special for the Polo launch
DDB Germany, Hamburg

Volkswagen AG
CD: Andreas Kant

Gillette gamer
Proximity BBDO, France

CD: Rémy Guilbert

I am unique
Lowe Sydney

CD: Tom Markham

Out-trade Trevor

Westpac Banking Corporation
CD: Simon Lee

Proximity, London

Royal Mail
AD: Jason Fletcher

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