Michelin Announces BTB E-Commerce Portal

Michelin North America will develop a business-to-business e-commerce business portal for Michelin dealers, distributors and fleets with the help of Entigo Corp., a provider of BTB e-business solutions, Michelin said yesterday.

The new system will provide business customers in Michelin's truck, retread, passenger, earth mover, agriculture and other business units with e-commerce services, such as real-time product information, pricing, inventory inquiries, order management and claims processing. The site will allow Michelin to establish interactive relationships with business customers and will give them the ability to conduct business with Michelin over the Web, the company said.

Michelin expects the new site to improve the service it offers its business customers and end-users while increasing revenues, cutting business customers' costs and bolstering loyalty.

The new site was developed using Entigo Reality Builder, which is an extension of the BIB NET Order Management System created in partnership with Entigo and launched in 1996 to serve Michelin's national dealers.

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