Mezzina/Brown Becomes Mezzina Brown & Partners

Branding, advertising and marketing communications agency Mezzina/Brown, New York, announced expanded client services and new solutions this week along with the launch of its new corporate name and identity, Mezzina Brown & Partners.

The re-engineered agency, which includes specialty groups such as MB Interactive and MB Consultancy & Capital, now offers a full host of marketing, consulting, finance and interactive services for a range of clients.

Under the newly created Mezzina Brown & Partners name, the shop also plans to launch a marketing initiative to raise awareness of its new branding and communicate what it can offer to help Net start-ups develop strategic communication programs and business plans that enable success in the marketplace.

Mezzina Brown & Partners also made public a partnership with NetCentric Partners, a New York-based venture capital firm that said it will launch a $200 million Internet fund.

According to Bill Brown, senior partner and CEO of Mezzina Brown & Partners, the company can now offer enhanced partner services to promising new media start-ups as well as dominant Internet players. “We are now able to provide successful programs for the full range of Internet clients,” he said.

“Our objective is to be among the first to provide end-to-end marketplace solutions for new media firms, integrating front end, back end, funding and marketing in a single shop,” said Brown.

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