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Metromail Stock Soars 64 Percent; Abacus Leads in Profit, up 24 Percent

The DM stock group put in a good showing in February with one of its highest monthly gains. Sixty-nine stocks increased in value, 25 declined and three were unchanged.

Leading gainers were Metromail, up 64 percent; Abacus Direct, up 40.7 percent; and Dell Computer, up 40.6 percent. Losers were Telespectrum, CML Group, Advanta and Sykes Enterprise.

In the profit picture, profits were led by Abacus Direct, showing 24.2 percent on sales; Sigma Aldrich, 14.7 percent; Cendant, 12.9 percent; and Black Box, 10.9 percent.

Stocks with the largest reported losers were Open Market, Check Free, Think New Ideas and Netscape. In the group, 25 companies have reported losses for the past 12-month period.

In this edition, there were two deletions: Compserve, which stopped trading Jan. 26, and Connect, which fell below $1 per share. Snyder Communications has been added, making the group total 97 companies.

PORTFOLIO VALUE: If $1,000 had been invested in each of the 97 companies at the beginning of the year, the value would be $106,908, an increase of 10.3 percent.

Portfolio is compiled by James Posner, a New York direct marketing consultant who is an avid stock market watcher, especially of direct marketing.

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