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Metro is world’s largest newspaper: Guinness

Metro International has been awarded the “World’s Largest Global Newspaper” title by Guinness World Records.

The company publishes 70 editions in 93 major cities in 21 countries and in 19 languages. The first edition was published in Stockholm in 1995, followed by Prague in 1997.

The Metro audience is claimed to be young, active, well educated and metropolitan. The paper has more than 18.5 million daily readers.

Metro has an equal number of male and female readers, with 70 percent under the age of 45.

New editions of Metro have debuted this year in Bohemia, Moravia, Castellon, Canary Islands, Basque county, Mexico City and Croatia.

Over the past few months, blue chip advertisers such as Nokia, Samsung and British Airways have used Metro’s global network to target young, busy urbanites across the world. Its advertising sales have grown at an annual rate of 44 percent since the launch of the first edition in 1995.

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