Metrics: Facebook Does it Again

A day after we wrote about reasons CMOs might seek more visibility into their own performance data, rather than leave the reporting to publishers and agencies, Facebook revealed previously undisclosed errors in measuring video and engagement. 

In a newsroom blog post headed “FYI,” Facebook announced that it had:

  • Found a discrepancy in the way it counts engagement with off-site links in the mobile app, and
  • Misallocated the reporting of multiple Reactions from unique users during Live video streaming

Facebook also said it was improving the methodology for its estimated reach tool.

The engagement discrepancy—which Facebook is still working to resolve—threatens to muddy the waters on a high profile news story, as it seems Buzzfeed and the New York Times used the existing metrics to estimate engagement with “fake news” stories on the social platform.

Although Facebook now seems quick to detail problems it discovers with its metrics, the slow drip of disclosed errors is likely to increase pressure on the social publishing giant to give advertisers more direct access to data.

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