Method selects Euro RSCG SF as its new digital agency

As the new digital AOR for premium eco-friendly home care products brand Method, agency Euro RSCG San Francisco will be looking to make digital a bigger part of the brand’s customer communication efforts. ?

“We came in with a strong recommendation that digital is at the core [of Method’s eco-friendly message], but they’re not currently taking advantage of this,” said Mike Fung, executive creative director at Euro RSCG San Francisco. He explained that Method does more than just make eco-friendly products and is infused with a planet-friendly ideology from top to bottom, but this idea currently isn’t coming across on the brand’s Web site.?

The agency is tasked with developing a new Web site and a holistic online consumer experience for the brand. The team also will develop branded digital promotion ideas to drive awareness. Work will begin immediately with additional efforts expected later this summer. ?

The initial focus will be on product, with a push to get up on the site more information on product development and what’s included in the packaging and formulations.?

The goal of these efforts is to encourage trial, Fung said. “We want to make sure people know how effective these products are while at the same time being healthy for your home,” he explained?

Highlighting how the products look will be another goal. “You may see more of a stripped down shell that works harder to showcase the products because the industrial design is so beautiful,” said Fung. ?

A secondary goal will be to build up the brand’s social marketing strategy. There is already an active group of approximately 10,000 consumers who have joined its “People Against Dirty” environmental community.?

“In the digital space, Method is on the tip of the iceberg of tapping into what’s possible” in terms of providing a platform for these “exciting advocates,” said Fung. l?

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