MetaResponse Group Manages Nine Political Donor Files

MetaResponse Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, is now managing nine political donor files from ProspectData Research.

The lists offer the home addresses of individuals who participated in interactive telephone surveys where they revealed whether they made political donations and identified their political position.

The lists include the Bush Favorable Campaign Donor file comprised of 417,949 individuals at $95/M; Citizens Against Hillary Clinton file comprising 117,322 individuals at $125/M; Anti-Tax Conservative Donors with 992,139 individuals at $95/M; Affluent Republican Donors file comprised of 756,847 names at $95/M; and 1,069,527 Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Conservative Donors at $95/M.

Other lists are the Traditional Marriage Conservative Supporters file comprised of 1,183,662 names at $95/M; Americans Fighting Illegal Immigration with 181,435 names at $95/M; Pro-Gun Conservative Donors with 565,599 names at $95/M; and the 433,654 Supporters of the U.S. Iraq Policy File at $95/M.

Organizations with political fundraising offers, general fundraising offers, upscale, consumer offers, home office offers, executive self improvement offers, seminars, books, magazines, newsletter subscriptions, consumer catalog offers, investment offers, health and fitness offers, home and family services, credit cards, online service providers, and age and income specific offers may be interested in this file.

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