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MessageMedia Introduces SupportView System

MessageMedia, Boulder, CO, a provider of e-mail-based customer relationship management and direct marketing services, yesterday announced the release of its new real-time, Web-based customer survey and decision support system called SupportView. The system provides management with both qualitative and quantitative customer feedback on demand which will allow users to “quickly adjust their business processes to better serve their customers.

According to MessageMedia, SupportView leverages survey research and decision support to continuously solicit, collect, report and analyze feedback from customers about their interactions with a company’s online customer service center. Benefits of the system include the ability to integrate customer feedback gathered by the software with customer relationship management tools and processes to reduce customer churn and increase revenue; reduce marketing and sales costs; improve resource allocation; and reward and evaluate employee performance.

With SupportView, user-defined customer actions such as inquiries or complaints trigger an e-mail invitation to a Web survey which is hosted by MessageMedia. The data from that survey is then fed into a customer intelligence repository where it will be consolidated with transaction, productivity and other data from the company’s customer relationship management system. The SupportView solution then provides immediate, actionable data back to company management in a Web-based graphical display.

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