Message Systems best practices increase Bluestreak e-mail deliverability

NEW YORK – E-mail marketing firm Bluestreak claims to have decreased its bounce rates by 2.5 percent, according to a senior executive at e-mail software provider Message Systems.

Speaking to this publication Nov. 7 at ad:tech New York, the executive said Bluestreak , Providence, R.I., implemented the Message Systems software on the backend of its e-mail platform earlier this year, looking to increase deliverability for marketers that use its e-mail platform.

“Each Internet service provider has its own threshold for how many messages you can send per second and through which kind of channel,” said Barry Abel, vice president of field operations at Message Systems, Columbia, MD.

“The goal is to show respect for these policies and to make sure that the e-mailer is following best practices,” he said.

By following these best practices through the Message Systems technology, Blue Streak was able to increase its delivery.

The Message Systems architecture includes cleaning lists and automatically updating the backend databases to stop erroneous e-mails, which Mr. Abel said is one of the top ways to get blocked by an ISP.

The Message Systems application also allows remote administration like updating software, alerting mailers to blocking and threshold delivery problems in real time.

Following these best practices is important to an e-mail software provider faced with the challenge of educating its customers on the dos and don’ts of e-mail marketing.

Mr. Abel said that the ad:tech New York show is an oddball event for his customer base because it includes visitors who may be trying to send unsolicited e-mails. It is key that marketers realize the importance of having consumer permission. Nonetheless, about 25 percent of the people dropping by his booth on the floor are good leads.

Aside from deliverability, Message Systems also offers transactional e-mail which Mr. Abel said is a delicate arena.

“You have to be very careful when marketing in a transactional e-mail because if an ISP blocks the message because it is marketing, then you could be upsetting customers who are not receiving important information about their purchase,” Mr. Abel said.

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