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Merkle, celebrating 20 years of database marketing success

Merkle turns 20 this year, but in many ways it retains the passionate culture and kinetic energy of a start-up. David Williams, the company’s president and CEO, clearly likes things that way. A magnet for top-notch professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, the database marketing leader has matured over the past two decades — through a constant process of evaluation that retains a fundamental focus on quality and customer results, while using the latest technology and best practices to respond to the changing marketplace.

This year was notable for the creation of a striking new Merkle headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, which contains everything that one would expect from an agency keen to prove both its innovation and its longevity. Inside its eye-catching building is an array of ingenious spots designed for brainstorms and confabs; high-tech meeting rooms; as well as a gym and the standard-issue pool table, for when people need a break from the intensity of their work.

Haymarket Media, the parent company of DMNews, was commissioned by Merkle to dig deep into the company’s culture, community and capabilities to articulate what makes the firm unique and successful. We were able to move beyond what we already know about the company, and learn from its leaders at every level and discipline about the solutions that are reaping client results.

Sharon Goldman, executive editor, DMNews, October 2008

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