MeritDirect Unveils BTB Co-op Database

STAMFORD, CT – MeritDirect today is expected to introduce MeritBase, a new business-to-business cooperative database, here at its second annual Business Mailers Co-op and E-Com Marketing Conference.

The database consists of more than 450 business-to-business lists containing 58 million records.

“MeritBase is a business-to-business cooperative database that provides access to a very wide range of business mailers plus compiled business files,” said Christopher Pickering, senior database marketing consultant at MeritDirect, Stamford. “By getting all these names together in one spot at one time, you get a lot of useful information.”

That information includes recency, frequency, monetary value and purchase category data as well as the ability to do predictive modeling on the database. MeritBase also can be overlaid with Dun & Bradstreet and infoUSA data.

Participants in MeritBase have the options of putting their house files in the database to generate list rental income, using the database to mail out of or both. They also can mail selects across the database or choose individual files to mail. Mailers in the database can block competitors from using their names.

Though MeritBase had its initial build in January, Pickering said the update that will be finished later this month is the first major build of the database. Builds are scheduled eight times annually, with updates on the calendar quarter and the months following the end of each quarter.

Mailers interested in participating could join in time for the August update.

MeritBase is maintained and updated at Creative Automation, Hillside, IL. Participants include BTB mailers such as Atlas Pen & Pencil, Corporate Greetings, Crain's New York, Great American Business Products, Hello Direct, New England Business Service, Office Max and Rapidforms.

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