MeritDirect named list manager, broker of all Brady files

The Brady Corp. has named MeritDirect list manager and broker for its entire family of direct marketing lists in the United States.

The consolidation brings together Champion America, Clement Communication and Seton Identification Products files with the Emedco and Personnel Concepts files.

Brady’s direct marketing brands are involved in the business-to-business spectrum, buyers in industrial, commercial, construction and service sectors.

Major products include facility identification signs and labels, safety and compliance products, and posters for accident prevention and labor-law compliance.

Following are the new files MeritDirect is taking on.

– Champion America Sign and Safety , comprising 12,544 individuals at $115/M

– Clement Communications Direct Mail Buyers – Canada , comprising 3,218 – individuals at $125/M

– Clement Communications Direct Mail Buyers – Masterfile, comprising 55,443 individuals at $115/M

– Clement Communications Human Resources Buyers/Subscribers, comprising 17,581 individuals at $115/M

– Clement Communications Safety Buyers/Subscribers, comprising 34,265 individuals at $125/M

– Emedco Catalog Buyers, comprising 131,913 individuals at $115/M

– Personnel Concepts Enhanced Business Masterfile, comprising 396,015 individuals at $115/M

– Personnel Concepts Human Resource Buyers, comprising 396,015 individuals at $115/M

– Personnel Concepts Small Business Mail Order Buyers, comprising 123,881 individuals at $115/M

– Safety & Identification Products Masterfile, comprising 137,346 individuals at $115/M

– Seton Identification Products, comprising 458,759 individuals at $115/M

In addition, the Brady B2B Masterfile, coming out soon, will give marketers access to product buyers from Champion, Clement, Seton, Emedco and Personnel Concepts.

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