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MeritDirect forms Strategic Services Group

Direct marketing agency MeritDirect launched the Strategic Services Group on October 19. The unit will provide consulting, digital, b-to-b and insert media services to clients.

The consulting group, known as Strategic Consulting, will work with clients on their general planning and marketing goals and provide analysis of issues such as database construction, telemarketing and catalog design. The Merit Digital service will work with clients on their display media advertising, bringing a focus on metrics and measurability of database marketing to the digital space.

MeritDirect will also offer “b2bbase,” a database for business-to-business clients. Created with marketing services firm Experian, the database contains customer data pulled from more than 150 b-to-b mailers from a period of more than five years. The final practice area under the Strategic Services Group is Insert Media, which will focus on advertising inserts and their value as an affordable turnkey marketing option.

Marketing consultant and director Andrew Joyce will oversee the group’s Strategic Consulting practice and Merit Digital. Ed Larkin, VP of business development, will manage the b2bbase practice, while Dan Plunkett, VP and director, will oversee the Insert Media group.  

An agency representative was not immediately available for comment.

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