Meredith launches weekly deals program on

Media and marketing services company Meredith Corp. launched a social commerce network with Group Commerce, a group buying technology provider, on March 9. 

The network, which debuted on, will provide Groupon-like weekly e-mail offers to consumers who sign up via Facebook or Meredith’s online properties. The “Premium Partner Program” will let merchants offer discounted items to more than 75 million women across Meredith’s online and social ecosystem. 

“We understand the particular interests and passion points of our women,” said Liz Schimel, EVP of digital and CRM at Meredith. “We’ll be tying our offers to what our customers are interested in.”

Although weekly offers are available only on, Schimel said the program will expand quickly.

“Expect the evolution from weekly to daily very quickly,” she said. She also said a “rollout program” for future entities was in the works, but declined to elaborate.

Meredith’s media brands include Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle, among others. Meredith also provides custom marketing services, including digital, mobile, word-of-mouth, social and database marketing capabilities.

“The deals space has emerged so quickly,” said Jonty Kelt, Group Commerce’s CEO. “But like a lot of large markets, many segments will emerge. The pie will grow, and the pie will be divided. In order to participate, you need a loyal audience, great content and a great technology platform.”

Kelt said companies like Meredith will use social commerce and group buying to generate new audiences and incremental revenue streams, as well as to provide value to existing audiences.

Meredith acquired mobile marketing company The Hyperfactory last July. Since 2006, Meredith’s marketing division has added six companies.

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